I have worked for 10+ years as a designer and educator. Below are some of the results.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Interviews, Profiles, and Portraits

Design Matters Portraits
Since late 2013, I’ve been taking photos and short moving portraits of the guests on Design Matters.

SVA Branding Thesis Portraits
As part of the final thesis presentations each year, I’ve made short introduction videos of the students and their groups.

SVA Design Research Thesis Introductions
For the 2016 final thesis presentations, I created short introduction video profiles and portraits. I also oversaw and set up recording and live-streaming of the event.

For a journalism class, I made two short profiles of interviews I conducted, as a bonus to the written portion that was assigned.

Design Interview Series
Screenshots from an unfinished series of designer interviews, meant to be part of a longer series.

Phoenix Design Week

In March 2009, I wrote a manifesto for Phoenix designers which resulted in me starting and running Phoenix Design Week for five years before moving to New York. The 9th PHXDW will happen this October. The event features a multi-day conference which brings in speakers from all over the world. Alongside the conference is a week-long series of events, exhibitions and other happenings throughout the city. It’s grown to become one of the biggest design conferences in the country, and inspired other cities to host similar events.

Design Museums

In 2011, I opened up the Phoenix Design Museum pop-up with Tanner Woodford and a few others. Tanner took the project and made it a permanent institution in Chicago. In addition to coordinating collection borrowing and exhibition setup, we also hosted lectures and events.

Other Events

I was on the executive board of AIGA Arizona as Vice-President and I often lead or co-ran many of my own initiatives alongside the programming director. Joust was an event that focused on freelancers. We supported the CreativeMornings Phoenix events. We had a lunch series, a design film series, invited prominent designers to speak to our members. We also acted for the entire state, so coordinated with smaller groups in Tucson and other cities.

TEDxPHXDC & PechaKucha Phoenix

I was the head of TEDxPHXDC (Phoenix Design Community) which held two events. I also was Co-Organizer of PechaKucha Phoenix for their first five events. In both cases, we brought together a variety of speakers and held events in unique venues, which were as much a part of the event as the event itself. The TEDx that focused on sustainability was held in a restored top floor of a Phoenix building that had once been queued for demolition. Several PechaKuchas were hosted in an old pie factory.

Phoenix Design Summit

The Phoenix Design Summit was an event aimed at bringing designers and community experts together to use the creative problem-solving techniques of design thinking to find solutions to social issues in Phoenix. Teams spent 3 days working to solve problems related to sustainability, health, arts, democracy and education through a series of workshops and exercises that capitalized on the creative potential of the teams’ members.

Arizona State University
As the designer for the President of ASU, I handled the design of messaging, presentations, and occasional video messages.

In addition, I was a faculty associate teaching a senior year undergraduate motion graphics class. The class focused on storyboarding techniques instead of application knowledge.

A few examples of print design

Office of the President
I worked on the development, maintenance, and continued updating of President Crow’s presentations. Slides I designed were used in nearly every presentation he gave while I was employed there. The example slide is from his annual President’s Club Member presentation. Full video available here.

You can also find additional examples of presentations made to ABOR and the Massive Change keynote he presented to several institutions.

I also created the Vision, Mission and Goals brochure that is still updated and in use today.

While at the President’s Office I gave design support to the commencement team as well. This included invitations, menus and day-of materials for the Honors Dinners, Medal of Excellence presentations, as well as branding for the 125 years of commencement celebration in 2012.

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
As a student, my campaign was selected to represent the Martin Luther King Jr. 2008 celebration. This was a year before the Bruce Mau rebranding! Akzidenz is a favorite of the ASU Visual Communication Design program.

Other Design & Academic Work
After leaving ASU in 2013, I joined the School of Visual Arts as the Director of Operations / Graduate Advisor for the Masters in Branding program.

While there, I was able to create photography, video and visuals for the program and its students. I also supported the podcast Design Matters, run by the program chair Debbie Millman.

Promotional Graphics

I created graphics for every aspect of the Branding program, from facebook advertising images, booklets for the school, and an ad in Bloomburg magazine.